Ski School Intermediate

Ski School Intermediate

Ski School Intermediate

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Intermediate Ski Lesson #3.1 - Introduction to Skiing Parallel

Intermediate Ski Lesson #4.1 - Turn Shape

Intermediate Ski Lesson #3.2 - Clutch / Accelerator Exercise

Learn how to ski with Ski School Apps. High quality lessons aimed at strengthening your parallel turn and introducing more effective edge control.

*[PLEASE NOTE: We have an Android 5.1.1 compatibility issue that we are trying to resolve. Some users are finding the videos won't play. It works fine on older versions. We hope to have this sorted shortly]*

The stunning video, split screen video analysis, intuitive cue cards and engaging presenting style will help reinforce the topics and enhance your learning experience.

No jargon, no gimmicks just straight to the point facts that will teach you how to ski better.

The full lessons are carefully designed to:
• Lead you step by step through the skiing progression
• Complement on-slope tuition with a qualified instructor
• Clarify the basics
• Give you a head start

Best of all the Apps are portable and you can learn how to ski anywhere:
• In the chalet before a day out
• As a handy reminder on the lift between runs
• On the bus, train or plane before heading out to the mountains

Upload the app with everything included, no further uploads or costly data charges while you’re away. Just grab you phone and hit the slopes.

Give your skiing the boost it deserves with how to ski lessons from the Ski School app - your portable ski instructor.